Sunday, 14 May 2017

Me Made May, Week Two

Monday, 8th May
It was a challenge to find something me-made and casual to wear with jeans today. This is:
My first Sorbetto top from Collette patterns
RTW jeans
RTW navy cardigan.

Tuesday, 9th May
My navy blue, shimmery shift dress. Burda style 6/2013 Pattern 117.
This is a sombre office dress with a hidden secret. It shimmers and sparkles in the light and I love it. I wore it all day but took photos in the evening to show off the shimmer. I had never blogged this dress but I will now that I have the photos here. Me Made May has really done me a favour by bringing this dress out from the back of the wardrobe where it was in danger of being forgotten.

Wednesday, 10th May
Pussy bow blouse, based on Burda style 6/2013 pattern 118
RTW trousers

Thursday, 11th May
Brightly patterned tunic dress, Kwik Sew 3691
Black opaque tights

Friday, 12th May
After a short burst of warm weather it was really wet today so out came a standard, comfortable, work dress and more warm tights
Tartan shift dress, Butterick 6258
Green opaque tights

Saturday, 13th May
Long sleeved T-shirt, Butterick 6258
RTW jeans
walking boots

Ideal for lunch out and an afternoon's walk in Derbyshire with friends'

Sunday, 14th May
Wrap dress, Simplicity 2369
This dress has made it's debut out of the house today. I try out a lot of my new makes at church, where I know I am among friends, before I launch them into the wide world.

So this is week 2 - and what have I learned this week?

I have plenty of things to choose from on work days but am going to struggle to find enough Me-Mades at weekends. I tend to wear the same old comfy clothes to relax in week after week.


  1. Such a lovely collection of hand-made clothes this week!

    1. Thank you Caroline. I have enjoyed seeing your collection too, I especially like your red Grainline Scout Tee. It is so good to be able to see what everyone else is making.

  2. Your clothing is very beautiful!! You are also! When it comes to "weekend clothes", I like my worn in favorites over and over also. Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. On the one hand I am tempted to make some more casuals but then I wonder whether I really need them. Watch this space...