Sunday, 28 May 2017

Me Made May, Week Four

This week we have had a complete change in the weather and I have gone all the way from woolly tights  to bare legs overnight. I have found it much more difficult to put outfits together using my me mades this week and have focused on separates which is more challenging for me. I am really a dress girl I think

Monday, 22nd May
Calvin Klein cotton lawn blouse, Vogue 1878
RTW jeans
Charity shop leather belt
RTW navy cardigan

Not very smart but this blouse was so comfortable to wear for a hot day of housework and tidying up.

Tuesday, 23rd May
Purple wiggle skirt, Simple Sew, Two in one skirt collection
Asymmetric Blouse, Burda Style 5/2013, 107

Wednesday, 24th May
Purple wiggle skirt again
Burda Style 6/2013 118 pussy bow pattern hack worn in week 2

Thursday, 25th May
Sorbetto top in African wax print coming round again.
Denim skirt.

I have had this skirt for a long time. Originally it was calf length with a slit at the back. I have shortened it and perhaps I need to shorten it some more. I would welcome your advice. Who needs a charity shop find when you can keep on refashioning your own wardrobe?

Friday, 26th May
Today the weather has been so hot and I have spent a lot of time in a hot car!

I love, love, love this dress! It has been so comfortable to wear in the heat. I got out of the car at my destination and it didn't have a crease. I would almost go as far as to say I don't care what I looked like - I was comfortable. An added bonus is that the wrap top stays in place without any effort.

Saturday, 27th May
A return of my green, ditsy print Sorbetto top with the gathered neckline.
RTW denim shorts
RTW cardigan
RTW flip flops
Lily white legs - the model's own!!

Sunday, 28th May
New shift dress, New Look 6145

What have I learnt this week?
This week has been the most challenging so far for me. I wanted to try out as many Me Mades as possible and not keep going back to the favourites but this has meant turning to items that have not had so much wear, and perhaps there is a reason why these have been sitting in the cupboard. All the colours have been a bit muted haven't they?
I need to make some more fitted tops and some new skirts. It has been good to see my outfits photographed. Things look different in a photograph from how they look in the mirror and I think I would look smarter with more fitted styles instead of loose blouses. Overall I think this week's outfits have been a bit frumpy. I hoped that the wiggle skirt would look more contemporary but perhaps I haven't teamed it up with the right things. (I will be blogging this skirt next week).

Only three more days of May to go now. I am sure that my photographer will be very relieved!!

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  1. I love your purple wiggle skirt. It looks really stylish!
    Also your wrap dress is so pretty and it's such a bonus that it is comfy too!