Friday, 17 February 2017

Vintage Vogue Patterns to add to my Collection

Five years ago we moved house as a family. To begin with we moved to a much smaller home and it was necessary to get rid of lots of things we didn't need. At the time I wasn't sewing much because I had a busy full time job and a family to look after, which didn't leave much time for hobbies. I was ruthless and sent all of my dressmaking patterns to the charity shop because I couldn't imagine that I would need them again. How wrong I was, I am now sewing more than ever and I really miss some of those patterns. The collection included my wedding dress, going away outfit and some old friends that I had used over and again.

In the last 3 years life has changed and I am back sewing and making my own clothes. I have been gradually building up my pattern collection again. This week I visited my local Sue Rider shop where they often have vintage dressmaking patterns for sale. I found two lovely vintage Vogue patterns and snapped them up.

Vintage paterns from the '70s and '80s

I am now the happy owner of Vogue pattern 1878. This pattern is by Calvin Klein and dates back to 1978. I have some lovely satin fabric in my stash and am looking forward to trying the pattern. There is always a risk with second hand patterns that there will be pieces missing and true to form this pattern only has one of the instruction sheets, which is a shame because I think that the instructions on a Vogue pattern are usually very good. But, all of the pattern pieces are there so I will use my initiative and see how I get on. I think I might make the first blouse in cotton which will be easier to handle while I try to figure out how the pieces go together for the first time. You can see it here.

Vogue pattern number 1981, designed by Calvin Klein, was in my pattern collection that I gave away and it is one of the ones that I regret parting with most. Hopefully this pattern, by the same designer, will take its place for me.

I also bought Vogue 2361, designed by Albert Nipon in 1980. I love the pin-tucks and tiny buttons up the front. I expect that this will be quite a challenging make. Both patterns look as though they feature plunging necklines, which are not really my style, so I may need to make some adjustments. This pattern is complete and has never been cut so it was quite a bargain.


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