Monday, 6 February 2017

New Look 6217, Top with Short Kimono Sleeves

When I had my new tablet for Christmas I was busy reading other people's blogs and getting inspired when I came across this pattern. I had this pattern in my collection but I had never looked twice at it. It came in a job lot I bought from eBay but it didn't look like my style, I haven't got those legs! Anyway, there it was on Handmade Jane and Jane was describing it as "a hidden gem" and "without doubt, the biggest hit of her sewing year". I always like the things that Jane makes, she is a bit of a role model for me, so I have had another look at this pattern and here is my version of the top.

Apologies for the garden bins, my photographer is in training!

I made a size 12, but I think I could have taken it in a bit on the hips and I might taper the side-seams if I make another one. Otherwise it is a really nice fit.

This fabric has been in my stash since last year. It is a deep salmon pink crepe that drapes beautifully. I had just one metre but it was 60" wide. This was enough to cut out the blouse and to make bias binding for the neck facing.

Here are some photos of the blouse in construction. It was really important to stay stitch the neck to stop it from stretching out. I pinned the bias binding in place on my dress form to ensure that it would lie flat and not gape.

There is a single button closure at the back of the neck. I suspect that I will never undo this button but will just pull the top on and off over my head, but it is a nice little detail on the back. (I noticed the little threads around the loop after I took this photo so I have trimmed them off now)

I haven't made a thread loop for years but it was quick and I enjoyed doing it.

Finally, it was a lovely sunny afternoon so we went out into the garden to take some photographs. The skirt is one of my old favourites. In the photographs the pinks don't quite seem to match but I think they look better in real life where the salmon pink is echoed in some of the pink shades in the roses.

And last but not least, the back.

I really like this top and think I will wear it a lot, especially as the weather gets warmer. So, thank you very much to Jane for trying it out, posting it on her blog and sharing it with the rest of us. Now I need to hurry down to Leicester market to buy some more remnants in all my favourite colours. Then I might need to try the skirt!

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