Sunday, 21 January 2018


I know this is an Instagram initiative and I wasn't planning on making any new year resolutions this year but I have been enjoying looking at everyone else's plans so much. While I was having a January turn out I went to my stash cupboard and I had so many beautiful fabrics (and some rather boring ones) which I had bought with projects in mind. I began to feel inspired and so I turned to my box of patterns and before I knew where I was I had started to make plans. So.... I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and write this post. It seemed a good idea to come up with a plan and even if I don't get everything done it will be good to have a sense of direction at the start of this year. Knowing me I will soon be going off at a tangent so don't say I didn't warn you!!

1. The Drapey Knit Dress, Great British Sewing Bee, Fashion with Fabric

I believe that this pattern is available as a free download here from Love Sewing Magazine, but I have the book "Fashion with Fabric", which I bought when it was on special offer at WH Smiths and I have always wanted to have a go at this project. I have read quite a few bloggers saying that this dress is just not their style, but I have to say that it is mine. Or at least it is a style that I aspire to. I love the pictures of this dress in the book. It is unusual and edgy and looks so comfortable. I don't really like the stripy version, although it does look good on other people, but I love the blue one and think it would be a useful addition to my wardrobe. I was convinced when I saw the version made by  Laura at Sew Different. I bought some medium weight, blue jersey a while ago. It isn't my favourite fabric but I thought I could use it to have a go at this dress and I have to admit that I have already made a start. If I like the fit I may make another one in a nicer fabric, perhaps a scuba like the one Laura made.
On the other hand I may make it and find that it looks terrible on me. I should know soon.

2. Silk Woven Tee, Great British Sewing Bee, Fashion with Fabric

After my success making a Scuba Tee from the "Fashion with Fabric" book here I planned to try another one, this time with a woven fabric, so I may need to put the zip in the side seam. I bought this lovely lace brocade with the t-shirt in mind. I thought it was cream and black but on closer inspection the backing lace seems to be a very dark navy. Ever impatient; this one is already cut out and ready to sew.

3. Gold, Semi-Fitted Skirt, Butterick B466

I have seen several nice outfits in gold and navy recently and bought this lovely, textured fabric planing to make a simple skirt. I will make a matching lining because I think it may be a bit rough on the inside and might snag my tights and I really dislike separate slips, although I recognise how useful they can be. The fabric is a loose weave and  frays very easily so I also plan to bind all the raw edges. I haven't used this pattern before but it is simple so I can put my efforts into achieving a really neat finish.

4. Navy Striped Sweatshirt

I bought this navy striped jersey planning to make a sweat shirt. This will be the first time I have made a sweat shirt so I don't have a tried and tested pattern. I  wondered whether Simplicity pattern K8260 would be suitable. My alternative plan is to make the oversized T-Shirt from Maker's Atelier in the long sleeved version.

5. A Coatigan, Butterick B6258
I first came across the term coatigan reading the blog Groovybaby....and mama. What a wonderful combination, a cross between a coat and a cardigan. I reasoned that if this was a practical garment for the Danish weather it would also be useful here in the UK. I have been planning to make one for some time, although I may need to buy some fabric for this project despite my extensive stash.  This pattern came free with Dressmaker magazine Nov-Dec 2016. I have made the dress and top and they are a good fit for me. There is a lovely version in mustard in the magazine. I really want to avoid making too much in black. I am finding that black isn't so flattering as you get older because it can drain all of the colour from your face.

If this project is successful I would like to make a pattern hack with a waterfall front. 

6. Cross Body Bag
I am desperately in need of a new bag. I made this one, use it every day and it is now wearing out and looking very scruffy.

There are lots of free patterns on the internet. This one came from Sewing World, June 2014. Susan Dunlop who designed the bag has a website, SusieDDesigns where there are lots of inspiring ideas. I just hope the old bag holds out until I get a new one finished.

6. Possible culottes, Butterick B4807

This pattern was a charity shop find. It goes up to size 12 and I am usually a size 14. I don't think it will be too difficult to make the pattern slightly larger and I plan to add these culottes to my spring wardrobe. This pattern is described as Fast and Easy. An unfortunate use of words, which in the UK can mean a woman of dubious morals, but I know what they mean and won't let that put me off!! It needs a stretch jersey fabric and I am a bit concerned that there are no fastenings at the waist or elastic to hold the culottes up. It will be a bit of an experiment, I think, and I will let you know how I get on.

7. A shirt for my sister, New Look 6598

I bought this fabric promising to make a shirt for my sister who lives in Alice Springs in Australia. It is a cotton fabric suitable for the hot weather in central Australia and will remind her of the English hedgerows because of the assorted Umbellifera or Cow Parsley in the design. I have had the fabric since the summer and haven't even cut it out yet. She has always said she isn't good at sewing but is now putting me to shame making all sorts of things including the lovely bag she sent me at Christmas, so I need to get on and make this. She chose this pattern herself when she last came to visit and has already made two so I know it fits and she likes it. Hopefully this project can be finished in time for her birthday in March.

8. Camisole Top Hack, Great British Sewing Bee, Fashion with Fabric again.
By the time I have made all of these things the weather might be getting warmer. I cut out a summer dress in this very fine,  draping, viscose material last year and it wasn't at all suitable so I never finished it. Rather than waste this beautiful fabric I thought I would try a camisole top for the summer

9. Summer Wrap Skirt, McCall's M5430

Thinking about warmer weather again I have this beautiful embroidered sari. I would like to turn this into a wrap skirt to wear on holiday. The embroidery is backed by paper and it won't be washable so I thought a skirt would have a longer lifetime. There is so much fabric in a sari that I will have enough to make a self lining for my skirt, which would otherwise be sheer.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my plans for 2018. It remains to be seen how far I get before my plans go astray, but I feel excited to be making a start and the discipline has made me realise how much fabric I have tucked away that I really should use. My first year of blogging has just passed and I am looking forward to the next 12 months hoping that I can continue to make contact with others who share my interests and keep learning new skills as I go along.

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  1. I have made my make 9 plans and completed the first skirt, then got distracted and made an extra skirt. Now I am back on track with a dress and lining cut out and started.

    1. Hello Pam
      I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I have been following your blog and you put me to shame. You have made so many things already. Happy sewing!