Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Stretch Pencil Skirt - The Maker's Atelier


As soon as I got home from holiday I couldn't wait to get started and make something from my new book, The Maker's Atelier by Frances Tobin. I started at the beginning with the Stretch Pencil Skirt. I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical. This is a basic tube-skirt with 2 identical pieces, no darts and it has elastic at the waist. I have tried skirt patterns like this before and always ended up throwing them away. They have been bunchy round the waist  and they looked rather like a sack! I was in for a very nice surprise!!!

I cut my new skirt out of 1 metre of scuba from my stash and started to sew. This skirt is nicely shaped over the hips and narrows towards the hem. Two side seams later and it began to take shape. I turned over the top with a zig zag stitch and used a twin needle to finish the hem, then I  threaded some wide elastic around the top and I was finished. I have a lovely new skirt for work that is very comfortable to wear. The stretch in the fabric is just enough for me to walk easily. It is longer than my old pencil skirts and it makes me feel feminine and shapely.

Frances Tobin says that she has 25 versions of this skirt in her wardrobe and I can quite believe it. I have already started to plan others from my stash in a range of colours and patterns, but before I make another skirt I am going to try the Drape Front Top in a bronze coloured soft jersey. My aim is to work my way through the patterns in the book to try them and see if they will inject the sense of style I am looking for into my wardrobe. Of course I will be tempted to make other things along the way and I will  mix and match with old favourites but I feel quite excited as I start this new project.

Here are some more photos of my skirt. No head I am afraid, its a bad hair day!!

I would really appreciate your feedback because in a household full of men it is difficult to get an objective opinion about anything that I make or wear. Some female contributions would be gratefully received.


  1. The skirt looks lovely Rosemary. Lovely fabric and flattering shape. I've been considering putting the Makers Atelier book on my Xmas wishlist so found this blog post really helpful - thank you :)

    1. I have made several skirts now using this versatile pattern. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have if you do get one for Christmas. I am looking forward to hearing about your makes.