Saturday, 3 June 2017

Me Made May Week 5

Me Made May is over, but what a good experience it has been. Here are the last few of my makes from this week:

Monday, 29th May
I really don't think this is my best photo and I was tempted to take another one in an edited outfit but in the end I thought "No, this is my Me Made wardrobe in action in everyday life", so I have put this image out there - The real me!

RTW skinny jeans
waterproof coat
walking boots given to me by my sister because they were a bit tight for her - hand me ups!
My new bag here

Tuesday, 30th May
Wrap top, Simplicity 1916

Wednesday 31st May
Me Made May has come back full circle to the pink flowery dress worn this time without the opaque black tights.

So there we are. A great big thank you to Zoe for thinking up this idea and sharing it. Have a look at my Me Made Roundup for an overview of the month.


  1. A lovely end to what has been a great collection of me-made clothes this month Rosemary. I look forward to seeing your round up too.

  2. Hi Caroline
    Thank you for taking the time to look and leaving a comment. I have enjoyed taking part in Me Made May and making links with others who share my love of sewing.